Our Story

Cuyama Orchards got its roots in 1992 when Howard and Jean Albano plowed under 20 acres of hay in front of their farmhouse and planted Nagafu Fuji apples that had just made their entrance to the US from Japan.  


By 1997, they had 80 acres of Fuji and Pink Lady apples in production when they partnered with their son Byron to handle the sales and marketing.  Together they developed an enthusiastic local following for the excellent apples that Howard and Jean were producing.  In 1999 they completed transitioning to certified organic production, and continued expanding their orchards to meet the burgeoning demand for their fruit.


Since those early years, the Albano’s have continued to work hard to grow the very best apples, and to partner with local and regional markets, farmer’s markets, and a variety of traditional and not so traditional food distributers to get their fruit from their farm to your table.


The Farm

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Cuyama Orchards is nestled in the uppermost reaches of the Cuyama Valley in a rugged mountainous corner of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties in California.  The orchards are surrounded by towering peaks and National Forest land. 


At 3300 feet in elevation, Cuyama Orchards enjoys the ideal microclimate for growing sweet, crunchy, juicy apples that are bursting with flavor.  The warm days late into the fall along with cool crisp nights allow us to harvest our fruit with full flavor at the peak of ripeness.


Cold Storage


We operate our own state-of-the-art controlled atmosphere cold storage facility conveniently located just off the I-5 Grapevine corridor in Arvin, CA.


In addition to having the ability to control temperature, oxygen and CO-2 levels to perfectly preserve the quality of our apples, we also offer forced air pre-cooling, cold storage, inventory control, and order fulfillment services to several neighboring farms.


Organic and Sustainable

Cuyama Orchards committed to organic farming practices over 20 years ago to benefit our workforce, our customers, and our own families, as well as the native plants and animals that live and thrive in and around our orchards.


Photo Gallery

Autumn Activity
Autumn Activity

The Fuji trees change color in November to the backdrop of the Los Padres Mountains.

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Waves of Crimson Golds
Waves of Crimson Golds

A overhead shot of a bin of organic Crimson Gold baby apples.

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Family Business
Family Business

Eric (top) and Gregory (bottom right) Albano thin apples on the farm with their crew boss Augustin (bottom left) in the early summer.

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